How-To: Hydro Garden System Maintenance

Maintaining your Root Farm Hydro Garden System is quick and easy.  Follow these steps to ensure top notch performance.

System maintenance is as easy as changing your solution

Every week or two you’ll need to empty your system and replace it with a fresh nutrient solution. The Root Farm Hydro Garden System has reverse pump functionality which makes replacing the nutrient solution in your system clean and easy.

Follow the steps below and you’ll see just how easy!

  1. Start by getting a five gallon bucket to empty the nutrient solution into.
  2. Unplug the pump and pull one of the cover plates off to access the reservoir interior.
  3. Pull the drain tube out of your Hydro Garden System and place it into your bucket.
  4. Turn the valve to the drain position, plug the pump back in and let the nutrient solution to drain into the bucket.
  5. When it’s empty, unplug the pump and turn the valve to the circulate position then place the drain tube back into the reservoir.
  6. Add fresh water back into the reservoir, plug it in, add your nutrients and test your pH to make sure it’s balanced.
Remove a cover plate to access your system's reservoir.
Pull the drain tube out of the reservoir and re position it inside of your bucket.
Use the reverse pump functionality at the flip of a switch!
Turn valve to drain position and empty your old solution into a bucket.
Refill with a fresh nutrient solution after draining your old one.

That’s it for this article on maintaining your Root Farm Hydro Garden System. Explore more videos, tips, and tricks at the Root Farm blog.